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Q. Why should I create an account?
A. Creating an account speeds up the ordering process. It also eliminates any possible errors in shipping addresses. When calling to place an order; simply provide us with your telephone number. Once you have an account, you will be able to modify or delete your information at any time.
With an account, you may place orders using our secure shopping cart.
You can also order by calling 1-888-666-7338. 
QHow do I place an order with Northshore Gold and Silver?
A. Please call Northshore Gold And Silver at 1-888-666-7338 to place an order and lock-in the price.
You may wish to create an account and order online.
Q. How can I pay for my precious metal order?
A. Payment may be made in Cash, Interac (E-Transfer, E-Payment), Direct Bank Deposit, Wire Transfer, or Royal Bank Draft (cheque).
Please call Northshore Gold And Silver at 1-888-666-7338 for additional information.
Banking information: (not a mailing address)
Royal Bank Of Canada
925 Stockdale Road, North Bay, ON  P1B 9N5
Institution Number: 003
Swift Number: ROYCCAT2
Routing Number (ABA): 021000021
Transit Number: 03452
Account Number: 1007038
Company: Northshore
24034-66 Josephine Street
North Bay, ON  P1B 0A7 
Telephone: 1-888-666-7338
Email: Sales@NorthshoreGoldAndSilver.com
Q. What are the differences in the payment methods?
A. Each payment method has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Payment in person with cash is instant and secure. We prefer $100 or $50 bills for larger orders. 

Interac (EMT / E-Transfer) i.e. Online Banking Email or Text Money Transfer

Order can be picked up. The order price is locked from fluctuation as long as the deposit is provided  within 2 hours. EMT / Electronic Money Transfers are subject to a limit based on your bank. Personal accounts allow transfers ranging from $1000 to $3000 (depending on banking establishment). You may have to contact your branch to inquire about your available limit. Funds arrive to us usually within one hour.
Please send payment to either sales@NorthshoreGoldAndSilver.com or info@magfn.ca (for added privacy)..
Security question is "What colour is the sky?", and security answer is rabbit

Direct Bank Deposit
Under $10,000 you may deposit directly into Northshore's Royal Bank account. Once the funds are received, there is a waiting period of 1 business day in order to verify funds. Order can also be picked up. There is no cost associated with direct deposits, but you will be asked to provide identification at the Royal Bank. The order price is locked from fluctuation as long as the deposit is provided within 2 hours.

Wire Transfer

No limit restrictions, funds usually arrive within two hours. Please visit your financial institution in order to send a wire transfer. The order price is locked from fluctuation as long as the funds are wired within 2 hours. You may also do a wire transfer directly from a Royal Bank branch; but you will be asked to provide identification. Order can also be picked up.

Royal Bank Draft (mailed cheque)

Less than $10,000. Go to a Royal Bank branch in order to  purchase a Bank Draft. Make it out to Northshore, and provide us the draft. Once the funds are received, we will lock in the price (with your permission); and place your order.
Q. How much do you charge for delivery (includes insurance and tracking)?
A. Delivery price within Canada is as follows:
Orders between $500 and $2999.99 is $19.95 (includes insurance and tracking)
Orders over $3000 ship for FREE (includes insurance and tracking)
Q. How do you ship orders?
A. We ship via Canada Post. If there is a reason the parcel cannot be shipped via Canada Post, then we would ship using FedEx Ground or Purolator. All orders are shipped tracked and insured. For security reasons, shipping and tracking are sent using a name other than Northshore Gold and Silver. Labeling of the shipment will NOT contain the words gold, silver, precious metal... Return address on shipment will never be Northshore Gold And Silver.
Q. Can I place an order if I am in the United States?
A. Yes, you may place an order from the United States. All funds must be provided in Canadian dollars. Please call Northshore Gold And Silver at 1-705-497-1009 (International) or 1-888-666-7338 (North America) for additional information.

Q. Do you report any customer information to the government or any third party?
A. Your purchase information is private and confidential. We will never share your identity, or order details with any government institution or any other organization. Please call Northshore Gold And Silver at 1-888-666-7338 for additional information.
Q.  At what times is the shopping cart open/closed?
A.  Our Silver & Gold shopping cart is open during the following hours:
 Monday  8:00 to 21:00

 Maximum online purchase is $99,000.00.

 Call for larger orders.

 Tuesday  8:00 to 21:00
 Wednesday  8:00 to 21:00
 Thursday  8:00 to 21:00
 Friday  8:00 to 24:00
 Saturday  0:00 to 24:00
 Sunday  0:00 to 21:00
On weekends, our Silver & Gold Catalogue is open from Friday at 8:00 AM to Sunday at 9:00 PM our time. 
Order over $99,000 must be placed over the telephone by calling 1-888-666-7338. 
Q.  Is there a minimum order when purchasing Gold or Silver?
A.  Yes, Northshore Gold And Silver will only accept orders over $500.
Please call Northshore Gold And Silver at 1-888-666-7338 for additional information.

Q.  How do I know if the silver or gold I am purchasing is real?
A.  Northshore Gold And Silver employs specific gravity testing, and ultrasonic testing in order to verify the quality of our precious metals prior to resale. We purchase the majority of precious metals from reputable suppliers in our industry.

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